#Armada (pronounced “Hashtag Armada”) is a collective of composers and performers from all over the world engaged in a ludicrous game of exquisite corpse via Twitter.

Each game starts with a set of parameters, such as “solo piano, 4/4, 140 bpm.” These parameters are then passed around blindly via Twitter, and composers start submitting measures, which the admiral and the performers arrange into a piece. For the parameters of the current game (and to play), click here.

Completed pieces, and various other updates, are on the releases page.

We strongly recommend that you participate. To do so, contact us on Twitter at @hashtag_armada and we will include you on the list of participants.

Should someone decide to tag you, your contribution will be included in the score for performance and recording. If you don’t submit your measure within 48 hours of being tagged, we will ask whoever tagged you to tag someone else. If you are tagged at a particularly busy time, you can pass and let the person who tagged you know to tag someone else.

When you have completed your measure, email it as a pdf to, then select someone from the list of composers to tag using the #Armada hashtag.

Please include your name, email address, and twitter handle in your email. We’ll compile these submissions in the order they are received into a massive score, and then have it performed and recorded.

Then we’ll do it again.

Please direct any inquiries to the email address or Twitter account mentioned above.